Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Year Passes!!

The results of the batch of 2007-08 have been declared and as expected most of the students excelled themselves.

These results are the culmination of month of hard work put in by you and the support system of your family, schools and the teachers therein. Whenever you do hard work, combined with the correct methodology of studies, you will find that your results will shine through.

There have been some cases, of course, when students who did put in hard work as the rest of you, could not come up to the expectation of their teachers and worse, themselves. To them I would like to say that life does not stop after the results are declared. It is like a flowing river, but your attitude has to be the current, which makes way even through the hardest of terrains.

Marks are definitely not an end in themselves, but they do help in spurring us on the path of greater academic glory. But if you ask me, I shall always hold that knowledge and the correct usage of knowledge is more important than the marks in your assessment sheet. Finally you are going to employ your knowledge for your living and cannot sustain on the momentary glory of an excellent mark sheet. Strive for gaining knowledge and train your mental faculties, so that whenever even half an opportunity arises in your life, you are able to convert it to a successful mission.

I bless the outgoing students for a successful career in their field of choosing. And on those who are studying at Scholars, lies the enormous task of betterment of the accolades, which your seniors have earned.


God bless you all.

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Punkhuri said...

this is a very thoughtful piece...the students studyin with you are lucky. u make them feel special in more ways than one...n what a true teacher-student bond is i have learnt at SCHOLARS. im grateful for the fateful day that i first stepped into the classroom that has proved to be more then jus that...n im glad to have a teacher lyk you!! thank you sir...