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(Taken from the net and suitably modified for Indian conditions. I do not take any credit for this article, but uploading it purely with the intent that the student will derive some gain from it. Thank you)


There are things you can do to learn faster either on your own, or with others.

One of the most powerful methods for making the most of your time is to make the most of others' time and talent. Form or participate in a study group as soon as you can. You are all in it together - why not make the most of it? Teaching someone else is the best way to learn; learning from others can save hours of time.

Here are some ideas.

1. Trade names and phone numbers/email addresses with at least two others in your class. If you miss a class, ask your study partners, not the teacher.

2. Develop good study habits by spending time with or sitting beside the high achievers in the class.

3. The main focus of a study group should be problem solving and explaining or reviewing class notes. If the group is too social or one person dominates the group, disband and form another group.

To get higher marks in any subject, win the inner game. The most important study skill is getting and maintaining a winning attitude. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1. The inner game is about empowering yourself. It is about you deciding your fate. No one has power over you unless you give him or her permission. Know your needs and respect them. They are worthy, as are you. You can respect others and still be assertive about your needs.

2. Take responsibility for where you are, who you are, and where you are heading. Blaming others, crying "poor me," playing the victim, or making excuses (particularly about things that happened in the past), are self-sabotage. These activities are excuses people use to stay stuck where they are. Circumstances or other people do not control you, think for you, or decide for you unless you want them to.

3. Every class you attend and every assignment you complete takes you closer to what you want to get. Know this and love it! Enjoy the feeling that comes with doing what you want to get what you want.

4. Know what you want. Good goals help you help others as well as your self. Buy an appointment book. Write your goals where you see them every day.

5. Know why you want what you want. Your goals enable you to be, do, or get something. Write down these motives under your goals so that you remember why you are willing to do what it takes.

6. Know what you need to get what you want. Write down all the resources available that you can think of (including people) that can help you. Write down the obstacles that will have to be overcome. Talk about what you are about to do with a significant other whom you can depend on for support. You are looking for ideas, and constructive criticism, not permission.

7. Know how you are going to get what you want. Write out a series of steps that take you to your goal.

8. Know when you are going to get what you want. Break down your steps into actions you can take and have the confidence to do. Make each action concrete and achievable. Write down in your appointment book what day you are going to do each action. Commit to your action plan. Decide what you are going to do
today, then do it.

9. Make time to be physically active and be with loved ones. You will work more efficiently and enjoy life.

"There is one quality that one must possess to win, and
that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one
wants, and a burning desire to possess it."

Napoleon Hill

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