Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jaipur: A Grim Reminder!

Once again the blood begins to boil and I can hear its pounding in my ears…scattered on the road are dismembered limbs of the peace loving people of the city of my birth, and I am sitting 600 miles away feeling frustrated, lonely and very, very angry.

The tears which roll down my cheeks and which blur my vision are not unmanly….they remind me of the pain which we have been carrying of such carnages post 1990 and the pusillanimous attitude of my government to combat this kind of cowardice perpetrated by professional terrorists.

While there is immediate call for bloodletting of innocent Muslims across the country, not only would it be an overtly cowardly thing to do, it would also be playing into the hands of the very people who have planted the bombs. The communal riots which rip through a country in the wake of such attacks not only kill human beings but also damage the social fabric of the community in which we live. And revenge killings will neither stop any further attacks nor the doers of such attacks be lynched by the crowd…innocent people who have absolutely no truck with such designs will be murdered the same way that they were murdered in the crowded, noisy bazaars of Jaipur.

What then can the government do? After any such mishap, the heads in intelligence communities start rolling since they are soft targets! But in most of the time, hard intelligence is provided to the local authorities ahead of the attacks. Why then, does the police not react? If you still remember the ghastly killing of Gokul Chaat Bhandar in Hyderabad, an industrious IPS officer from Orissa cadre who was instrumental in gathering intelligence prior to the blasts, was shifted a few days before the blast. This officer had tipped off the state administration about the movement of suspected terrorists and was on their trail. Who ordered his transfer?

When the political machinery of a state is not deferential to the physical security of its citizens, it has no right to rule over them. When you occupy that high chair, your first concern should be the security of the lives of the people whom you serve…but is it the moolah that rules the roost? Have our powers that- be fallen so low as to look the other way despite being sounded off about a terrorist attack? Do they think that the lives of the common Indian is expendable and they who live in ivory towers can stay insulated from semtex and RDX? A despondent “yes’ may be the answer from many Indians, but not from that quarter who can fight another war of independence if need be…this time, painfully, with our own people who have become worse masters than the English!


manas said...

The whole of the Govt. System, right from the cap's feather to the shoe's lace, is corrupt & the part left beyond the lace of shoe's is suffering due to these inhumans. All those insane ministers who talk of Human Rights should be the first ones to be shot at Vijay Chowk. They think they can Govern a land of diversity colorful diversity, but they are wrong. Ma'am President and ex-RBI Chaiman are just warming the seats of most important office in our nation just for Mrs. Pasta-Pizza. As my point of view, at such a point of time, Armed Forces should be given the full authority to shoot out even the undertrail terrorists, may be , this will teach a lesson to those who think can kill the Heavenly Indian Population.....GOD HELP MY COUNTRY...

Shivam Dikshit said...

No act of terrorism can be compartmentalized and its very likely that every Indian felt the same way as you did sir. This was not only an attack on a particular community or region but the secularism of India.
Hopefully history has taught us well and the Indians have surrendered their myopic vision.

The latter part of your article reminds me of the Mumbai serial blasts when Mr. Deshmukh boldly came up with the idea of setting-up a new intelligence agency, aligned with the IB to check these attacks. Well as said in RDB public memory is short it definitely is. The idea is still an idea....

@ manas God wont help your country.
This is our country and it is we who will be helping it and this country will change. Sonner or later WE WILL BRING THE CHANGE.