Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Most of our conscious time is taken away by the environment in which we exist. While some of it is subject to our responsibilities, much of it is thrown away by us on the most frivolous events which do not have any bearing on us. The details of the personal lives of other people, nonsensical tantrums of the celebrities and the venom spewing diatribe of the politicians play havoc with our limited stint on this planet. We read about such superfluous (mis)deeds in great detail in the newspapers or on the internet and then discuss those with our friends and family giving greater credence to those who scarcely deserve it.
When we explore this thread and see where it comes from, we discover that it is has spawned an entire generation of newscasters and news-makers who feed upon each other. The so called paparazzi who almost chased Lady Diana to death are flag bearers of a certain kind of journalism which find greater space in electronic and print media than ever before. The recent pictures of the Indian acting duo of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor on a private holiday too fall in this genre of journalism of sensationalizing a non-event beyond sensible measures.
At the same time, the celebrity news-makers too make it a point to be accessible to such media persons who are nosy enough and through various contrived or outrageous acts draw attention towards themselves to grab more of news space. The overpowering need of the politicians and elements of the entertainment industry to be in the headlines, many a times force them to utter such bizarre rubbish which they would not have voiced otherwise. They love controversies since that helps them stay alive in the media space for a greater time.
The necessity of writing the above lines is to make the argument evident that while salacious and imprudent stories will keep appearing in the media for a variety of reasons, tracking them by readers/viewers leads to a wasteful expenditure of the limited time we have been allotted on earth. This time is for us to spend most profitably. And what greater profit can man make than elevating his own self to the stature beyond which any comparison pales. Use this time to clear out doubts which you have about your field of work. Use this time to generate a higher level of thought which benefits both you and the mankind. Use this time to comfort a broken heart. Use this time to bring solace to a tortured body.

Respect the moments. These moments are the sum of your life. Gifting these moments to events and people who neither care for your existence nor your well-being is disrespecting your own self.