Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom...above all!!

Right from the time that we leave our moorings from her womb and are expelled into this planet which we call home…to the time when the last breath leaves us and our body is just another inanimate corporeal frame…lies the epoch when we are first under the care, then tutelage and finally advice of the most lovable of all women …OUR MOTHER!!!

There must be some magic about the word Ma….even the Gods do not dare to intervene when we fulfill our duty towards this one creation of His…for she is not only a creature, she is the physical embodiment of all that is good and pure….she stands firm like the rock of Gibraltar should anyone try to harm her charge…and then sacrifices everything for the sake of her little one!!!

She is the one in whose lap we lay our worried heads…all our problems seem to seep away on contact with that soft cotton saree …her fingers pass through my hair, and I feel sleepy, having given up all my cares! Where else would I find this peace, this succour…

For all that she has given, we can hardly return anything to her…for all those moments, when we got those extra sweets and she had one less, when the first mangoes of the season were laid on our plates, when we got to bite into the biggest fish fry…for all those sacrifices, which a mother does and which go unnoticed, the immaculate management of the household and its budget with tight strings, the rustling up of some unique dish when my friends came visiting…we can never repay!

What we can do is to try to keep her in a peaceful and comfortable (if not luxurious) surroundings, sometimes tell her what huge contribution she has made to our lives…that without her support, life would have never ran the way it is…for she taught us our first footsteps.


`~>>j@HnVi<<~` said...

Beautiful !!
Brought tears to my eyes....
Just want to say "Maa , my God resides in you"

Varuna's Mom said...

Am at a complete loss of words...the article is so touching.

varuna said...

Truly, no one in this world is irreplacable except that one person whom we've known even before we'd breathed our first, the one who has showered upon us unconditional love always. And maybe that is why they say-
"If you have a Mother, keep Her with love and care, for you will miss Her when you see Her empty chair"