Sunday, October 11, 2009

Commitment to work!

I have often thought how we spend our a mercy of our whims and fancies, mostly!!!
And that is the pathetic part....
Life is a place to be enjoyed, but life is also a desert which we have to beautify with the strength of our convictions, water it with our commitments and see it fructify...what we as a nation lack today is the will to be committed as a dutiful citizen!
We have taken the freedom of our country too literally...political freedom does not entail freedom to hurt a fellow citizen by way of our enjoyment!
On the road, at public places, at places of worship, we behave as if we are there to be gratified instantly, throwing all civic and polite behaviour to the winds. Would we dare behave the same way inside our households, where we have our elders? Mostly not, leaving a few aberrations.
This lackadaisical attitude has spilled over to all walks of our lives. Indeed the bane of our country is the Chalta hai attitude! But when we are exposed to intense international rivalry, we find ourselves at our wits' ends since the competitors have prepared well while we were busy wasting our time and energy on petty oneupmanship!
I have always tried to ingrain in my students the will to take responsibility, the pride in calling themselves "professional students" because that is what they ultimately are. Not much responsibility is entrusted to them either at their homes or by the society. If they could not be even committed to the job of studying and trying as best as they could to excel in curricular and co curricular activities, they do not have much to write home about!
Every cannot become no. 1...but everyone can try to become no. 1...and in that trial lies your good karma!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

How are you?

Just talked to a student of mine on FB...she gave the customary reply....sab chal raha hai....
Now... in this reply lurks our mentality of a person caught up in the web of life and unable to get out...with everything, we still lack JOSH...(army men would know about this too well)...without JOSH nothing fructifies....
When we meet someone and are asked how are we...we start off with a long lamentation of how cruel life has been to us...or that we are this the reply the person across was searching for...are we turning his sunny morning into a morbid one? Lets just square our shoulders and reply..SAB THEEK HAI DOST....and see the effect in the other's eyes...
So here is hoping that when we greet each other, we spill a bit of sunshine in his life too....