Sunday, May 4, 2008

Musings on a Sunday Morning!

Each day we grow up a little … some sights or sounds trigger in us thoughts, which lay dormant inside us for years. These thoughts reveal to us the nature of things of this vast unexplored universe. But most intrinsic to this thought process is the journey of our inner self – the unchartered territory which lay wild and coarse due to taboos or the programming which was initiated long back – when we were young and impressionable.

Our previous generation hardly questioned their parents / elders about the course of thoughts that they were expected to fall in line with. A minority amongst them who expressed their true feelings were either castigated as rebels, or worse, disowned.

Similar programming continued in our generation too. Centuries of distrust, fear, hate and discord were being firmly entrenched in the soft clayey minds. But as we grew up and stepped beyond the threshold of the cloistered convent of our homestead, all of us did not turn out to be as we had been taught. We realized that people were good and bad and that had no relation whatsoever with the language they speak, the color of their skin or the name of their Gods.

In our daily walk through the meanderings of life, we come across people who leave a smile on our faces or a few times, distaste in our mouth. This happens, again, without the barrier of communities of birth. But to label a whole people as unworthy or an aberration is in itself potentially dangerous. We had seen this trend in the midst of the last century and now we are further witness to a growing phalanx of a community who are forging world opinion to turn against them so that inside their own people they emerge as champions of a worthy cause – a cause which to us sounds foreign and odious!!!

Arent they the people who are legitimizing the fears and the ghetto mentality of a generation gone by?

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