Wednesday, September 4, 2013


All of us have the right to dream and aspire of a better future, but how many of us gain entry into that paradise of perfection, the realization of our dreams? The huge canvas of successes and glories that we paint for our future taunt us, rile us and depress us to various degrees when we are not able to achieve them.
A few of us  throw both prudence and character to the winds in an attempt to achieve their projected prize and are later burdened with the guilt of their means.
Most of us give way to the immediate pressures of our daily living and take eyes off the aim, only to be reminded later in solitude about the failure to achieve it.
Only the wise among us realize that while the mind can conjure fanciful notions of our capabilities coupled with unbound desires, the most we can do is to make concerted assaults of hard work to win the object of our dreams. The end result never was and never will be in our domain. But in our attempt, we might change paths and change aims. We are shown that while our objective was in no way inferior, we might not be best suited for that job, position or environment. The Cosmic system knows us inside out, our every thought, our every move. The Cosmic system is also both unyielding as well as benevolent while deciding our line of work and hence our aims and achievements.
Ultimately, all of us are given the job to which we are most suited. We might, no doubt, view our position from different angle, detesting maybe, the life which we have been given, but if we sit quietly and observe objectively, ourselves and our life, without recourse to a sympathetic notion of circumstantial conspiracies of time and fate, which might have befallen us, we will realize that happiness lies in wholehearted pursuit of our present vocation. The present moment is the most significant. In it lies our smiles and sorrows. To keep aspiring and waiting for a Utopian situation which might never arise (if the Cosmic system decides to keep us away from it) is to take away the happiness of today and invite the agonies of an unending tomorrow of uncertainty.


sumita mitra said...

very well written....present moment is the only it to the full

Mallika Biswas said...

Thanks for posting this blog. It is interesting but my honest feedback is that it is difficult to comprehend for all, especially when your larger audience is adolescent. Most of us these days live for I would like to know how are these important to me/for me. Also when i have understood it what is it that i must simple and easy to understand language.

Manashi Basu said...

Very aptly put. Living in the present can lead us to the ultimate truth & detachments.

kishn rai said...

Well written, it's human nature that we always miss and yearn what we have not been able to achieve. We fail to appreciate what we have got this leads to a situation where we don't enjoy what we have got and cry for that which we don't have. A very painful life but created by our self only.The day we realise this we start appreciating whatever we have got. That's the best way of living happily, living in present. Gua